About Us

"We fight not to simply win clashes, but campaigns." -Alpha


The Wolverine Commandos is a men's airsoft team started in 2010 based in Mt. Airy Maryland. We strive to rise above the "me" centered clashes of unorganized groups seeking personal thrills. Instead, we seek to a achieve a high level of team cooperation that leads to growth and success.

While our games are only open to those personally invited (contact us if you are interested in joining a game), our website is open to everyone. We hope that you will be able to learn a few things as you check out the discussion forums and articles. If you have a question about airsoft, want to know more about it, or want to share some of your airsofting knowledge, please visit our Comments/Q&A page.


Goals of the Wolverine Commandos:

-Become an organized team which works together like a well-oiled machine

-Utilize the gifts and personalities of every member to the best advantage of the team

-Develop, stretch and grow the tactics of every individual member and the team as a whole

-Share wisdom, common sense tips and tricks with fellow airsofters

-Spark rival teams into existence which will challenge us and help us grow

-Set up realistic scenario games that make a quantum leap in "fun-ness" because of organized  teams and talented players