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Things to Know Before Using Your Airsoft Gun

12/09/2010 15:08
  1. Don't overcharge the battery - overcharging your battery can result in decreased battery life or a ruined battery. A 5-7 hour initial charge using the wall charger included with the gun will be sufficient. After the initial charge, charging the battery for 2-3 hours will probably...

How to: Airsoft Gun Maintenance

11/30/2010 16:07
5 steps to making your Airsoft gun last: So you selected your airsoft gun, placed the order, got the goods, and fired off a few rounds; now what? Like anything with moving parts, there is going to be wear and tear in the product life cycle. how to you make your purchase last? It's easier than you...

Your thoughts on the Qualifications/descriptions for Alpha Company and Beta Platoon

11/11/2010 13:22
  Look over the requirements and description for Alpha Company and Beta Platoon. Do you think they look good? Too hard? Would you do something different?   What would you like to see as the description and requirements for the Delta Squad?

Prioritizing Threats & Targets

11/11/2010 13:18
  On the battlefield one of the most vital skills is the ability to prioritize your threats and targets in order to decide which to engage first or how to otherwise react.  The question necessarily arises, "How do I prioritize targets correctly?" I suspect that there is no one...

Hunter Killer Fire Team Face-off

11/11/2010 13:16
The first two main events of Sundays airsofting were the Hunter-Killer Fire Team Face-Off. Four personnel hid in the woods while five others tried to hunt them down. In the first round the Hunters split into two groups. First contact was made and, while one of the Killers did die, his use of...

What should I use to lube my airsoft gun?

11/11/2010 12:55
      If you have been airsofting for any amount of time, you have probably heard of the debate on whether or not silicone oil is the only oil you should use to lubricate your airsoft weapon. I thought the article below was quite helpful on the subject.   Article by...

Airsoft Info: Terms, Definitions and Other Helpful Information

11/11/2010 12:53
  TERMS & DEFINITIONS   ROF - Rate Of Fire RPM - Rounds Per Minute NOTE: Higher ROF/RPM means greater suppressive fire on full auto, but you also chew through ammo quickly   GEARBOX - The part of the airsoft gun where all the internals are housed. Click here for an animated...

How To: Make a custom G3 rail system

11/11/2010 12:52
 Own a G3 and want a rail system for it but don't want to spend big bucks? Here's how to make your own! (Please allow a few moments for pictures to load.)   Supplies you will need:   M14 rail system PVC Pipe – 10 & 7/8 inches long with an inside diameter of...

Can I Use Propane in My Green Gas Pistol?

11/11/2010 12:49
   If you take the time to research this topic you will find that the general concensus is yes. Here is why. Green gas = propane with a certain ratio of silicone oil pre-mixed into it and no smelling substance (such as propane has) added. So technically, you can just use propane and add...

What You Should Know About BBs: Brands, Weights & More

11/11/2010 12:47
   BBs come in a variety of brands, colors and weights - but what should you look for when choosing a type of bb? There are several factors to consider: 1. Quality 2. Weight 3. Color   #1: QUALITY Quality gets top priority because it can literally make or break your...
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