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Clearing rooms

11/09/2010 17:54
Video Clip 1 Notice the line up, the silent communication via "bump", how they enter, who covers where and the "1 up", "2 up", "3 up", "4 up" at the end. You tube MOUT Entering a building   Video Clip 2 notice, they plan before, everyone knows the drill, they set up and do it. Also notice...

Airsoft Oct 31st. Share your story!

10/31/2010 20:10
Wow, what a great afternoon! We had our largest turn out yet - 18 players! Ok, here's the place to recap, swap stories, learn and grow - after all, that's what us commandos do; have fun and learn from it.   Main events: 1st-Hunter Killer; Killer (Ambush) 5 players, Hunter (Attackers) 6...

Personal & Team Related

10/27/2010 00:51 - Short and simple. Attacking and Defending:

Moving on the Field

10/27/2010 00:47
Article 1 - Simple basic guidelines.     vid clip 1 (Must watch for Wolverine Commandos) Notice, use of 2 fire teams. Here they employ the bounding overwatch. Slow, but very effective. The distances between the two...

Improve Your Shooting

10/27/2010 00:43 - Short article about properly holding, gripping and shooting your weapon.

Basic Tactics for the Individual

10/27/2010 00:39 - Short and sweet.

Alpha's Field Kit Inventory

10/19/2010 14:20
  Updated NOV 2010   20g bb's mix (black/white) 28g bb's Low-Cap emergency mags High-Cap standard mags Emergency reserve ammo Water (emergency reserve) Water (standard use) Polishing cloth for glasses Speed loader Speed loader loaded for pistol reloading String Fishing Line Camo...

Alpha's wishlist

10/19/2010 13:37
List from Tactical Adventures MD (had MARPAT and Multi-cam list as well) Bi-pod/forgrip mix airsoftclub $30 8+in silencer airsoftclub $20 2x zoom red/green dot with rails airsoftclub $30 Carrying handle rail adapter for M4 airsoftclub $8 Woodland leg holster with ammo pouches $9 or...

Delta Squad

10/13/2010 18:30
-not listed yet

Beta Platoon

10/13/2010 18:02
 Equipment requirement added Nov 2010-Alpha Beta Platoon: Beta Platoon is for those who are super-serious about airsoft and developing their skills as a warrior and team player. What sets Beta Platoon apart from Alpha Company? It’s smaller. Not just anyone can join Beta Platoon. You have...
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