Airsoft Oct 31st. Share your story!

10/31/2010 20:10

Wow, what a great afternoon! We had our largest turn out yet - 18 players! Ok, here's the place to recap, swap stories, learn and grow - after all, that's what us commandos do; have fun and learn from it.


Main events:

1st-Hunter Killer; Killer (Ambush) 5 players, Hunter (Attackers) 6 Players

2nd-Bunker Hill (6 on 9)

3rd-Capture the Flag (9 on 9)

4th-The Alamo (6 on 10)


Which event was your favorite?

Hunter-Killer (0)

Bunker Hill (0)

Capture the flag (5)

The Alamo (0)

all =) (1)

Total votes: 6

Post your great moments and learned lessons here!

Don't be a loner!

Striker | 11/01/2010

This is one of the things that gets me in trouble most often - I run out into the middle of things, get pinned down, then taken out. For instance this afternoon... I got impatient and ran down into a "no man's land" area to try to take out some of the other team. However, their sniper located me and began to maneuver into position. After beginning to engage him, I was fired on by a couple of guys with AEG's. I had no good cover, and they were firing on me from two different directions. Needless to say, I was the one who got taken out! Oh well, hopefully I'll do better next time!

Re: Don't be a loner!

Alpha | 11/01/2010

Angles. That's often what gets me killed too. When you go out alone you lose angles/fire-lanes in your favor. Not to say you can't still go deep by yourself, but watch out for the other team's fire-lanes respective to your position.

Great moment: 4 guys in 4min...or less =)

Alpha | 11/01/2010

Hunter-Killer: Hunters hunted =)

One of my best moments in airsoft. I let the enemy pass me, thus out-flanking them. Came in on their side, dropped to the ground to avoid fire (2x), then took out one guy from behind a stump, then the next fellow as he came abound the same stump. I heard a sniper's round hit within 12in of my head so I moved to regroup with my central defences. In-rout I stumbled onto another Hunter. He was hard to hit lying prone and over a small ridge, but I still placed a shot before he did. =)
Then, last but not least, I stood up from behind a stump, turned, and came face to face with the sniper 30ft away. I had and AEG. =)

I finnaly died whilst hunting the last hunter. Got shot from 5ft away while searching a hill-side of brambles and bushes. Oh well, I still got 4 of the 5. =)

(P.S. Major high-fives to the rest of my team for maintaining positions and working together so well...and also to the powerhouse who finaly brought me down =)


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