Beta Platoon

10/13/2010 18:02

 Equipment requirement added Nov 2010-Alpha

Beta Platoon:

Beta Platoon is for those who are super-serious about airsoft and developing their skills as a warrior and team player.

What sets Beta Platoon apart from Alpha Company?

  • It’s smaller. Not just anyone can join Beta Platoon. You have to be really dedicated, talented and serious about airsoft to join this elite unit. If Alpha Company is the Army, Beta Platoon is the Marines.
  • Members of Beta Platoon have top-line equipment. That does not mean expensive necessarily (i.e. full metal blow-back or gas-blow-back guns), but simply deadly weapons that can reach out with a punch consistently.
  • Members of Beta Platoon also have learned to utilize their individual gifts and abilities to work to gather as a formidable team.
  • Individuals in Beta Platoon still take and follow orders, but they also have demonstrated an ability to strategize, improvise and do what it takes to get the mission accomplished.
  • Beta Platoon soldiers train at home, together during the week as they can and study tactics.
  • Beta Platoon troops have a past record of combat effectiveness and an ability to work well with fellow teammates.
  • If Alpha Company is about working together and following orders in uniform fashion, Beta Platoon is about superior abilities, weapons, tactics, team effectiveness and ability to both follow orders and adapt to the evolving battle field.
  • Note: An example of the difference in following orders between Alpha and Beta. In Alpha Company standard commandos always do as told by their officers. Officers always do as told by their commanders (note: as the radio man of their fire-team or squad they have the right to recommend different action to their superiors; however, they always obey the final word.) In Beta Platoon standard commandos always follow orders by their team leader or unit officer; however, they often have a bit more liberty about how they carry the orders out. Team leaders and squad officers have the liberty in certain circumstances, to deviate from their orders in order to meet the challenges of a changing battlefield.


Beta Platoon Requirements:

Member max: 55

Minimum age: 13

Weapons: AEG, Gas (Snipers may have spring, but must have AEG or gas for backup, a secondary backup weapon—pistol—is also highly recommended. Thus a sniper would have a primary weapon, a sniper rifle and a secondary backup pistol.)

Primary Weapon's capability: 375+ fps, 150ft accurate range

Secondary Weapon's capability: 300+ fps, 75ft accurate range


-Weapon: primary and secondary—extra mags for weapon

-Camouflage—full. Nothing must jump/stand out at 100ft viewing distance. Example (without tactical gear).

-Ammo (and ability to carry more ammo than commando typically uses in a full day of operations (e.g. Alpha typically uses 1,000 rds in a 3 hr afternoon of combat exercises. He carries about 2x that.)

-Eye protection that does not interfere with use of sights

-Radio (must have ability to turn “roger beep” off…or not have it at all), must have earbud/headset.

-Wristwatch easily synchronized

-Ability to carry hydration and miscellaneous other gear for mission (Beta Commandos must be able to be entirely independant of ammo dumps and resupply points)

Member's capabilities with weapon:

-Hit a man-sized target consistently at 150+ft.

-Hit an 8 in. target consistently at 100ft.

-Consistently Hit man sized target 30-50ft. range while moving at a fast gait with all weapon types (sniper rifle exempt)

Member's physical capabilities:

-15-20 min. hard march over all terrain types.

-Remain in still or near-still and silent position for 10+ min

-Sprint 200+ft and still be combat worthy

Member's other capabilities:

-Receive and relay orders accurately

-Follow/ obey all orders from superior officers immediately

-Demonstrate consistent reliability, ingenuity, team spirit and team effectiveness

-Willingness to train repetitively and disregard “fun factor” for superior results—growth must be more important than “fun”.

-Trains with primary and secondary weapons at least 1hr a week (time on playing field does not count)


-At least 10 games where Wolverine Commando officers are present 

-Served time as an Alpha Company Commando

Agree to and sign the Wolverine Commandos Code of Conduct and Mission statement


As a member of the Wolverine Commandos Beta Platoon you are expected to:


-Obey the Code of Conduct

-Attend at least 75% or more of events where Wolverine Commandos are mustered; attendance not required for frequency of events in excess of two per week. 

(Note: if you are the kind of person who would rather “do something else” 3 times out of 10 then the Wolverine Commandos Beta Platoon is probably not for you. This is for super serious enthusiasts, not casual attendees.)

(Also note: we understand familial obligations etc. If you cannot come frequently for reasons other than personal choice, yet still remain dedicated to teamwork, discipline, and growth, we want you!)

-Visit the Wolverine Commandos website at least once per week in order to stay up-to-date with news/events as well as participate in discussions about events, tactics, etc.

-Post some reflection, or otherwise join in a discussion forum geared toward growth after every event you attend.

-Always RSVP ASAP whether you can attend or not.

-Maintain weapons needed to meet requirements

-Maintain physical fitness needed to meet requirements

-Maintain gear needed to meet requirements

-Be prepared to undergo re-qualification once every seasonal quarter (spring, summer, fall, winter)