Here Come the Wolverine Commandos

10/09/2010 00:48

The Wolverine Commandos have arrived! This team of serious airsofters is just now getting off the ground. The Wolverine Commandos will be fighting as a team, de-briefing after games together to learn, as well as having special events just for training and tactics. Recruitment will start soon, so check out the qualifications and contact us if you want to join.

There will be three tiers or units to the Wolverine Commandos. The first level will be Alpha Company. In order to join you must be reasonably good at airsoft and willing to take orders as well as operate as a team. Out of Alpha Company, a select few will be chosen to join Beta Platoon. This will be a much smaller unit of individuals with killer skills and equipment. Finally, there will be an ultra elite Delta Squad of 12 people or so. These guys will be hand picked by Alpha for their personalities, abilities, equipment and team effectiveness.



See "Wolverine Commandos units and qualifications" to learn more!