Replacing a Broken Trigger Post

02/05/2011 17:07

So, you're in the middle of an hot airsoft battle with bbs flying all around you, and suddenly, your gun stops shooting.

This was the prediciment I found myself one dark winter night. The result was that, for the remainder of the battle, I was running around with my gas pistol trying to hold my own against guys with AEG's.

Annoying? Quite.

Although this article won't prevent this unfortunate fate from befalling you, it will, hopefully, present you with a way to fix the problem.


First, a word of warning. DO NOT attempt to disassemble your gun or gearbox without a professional or experienced airsoft mechanic present. Neglecting this warning could result in permanent damage to your weapon - or you.


Ok, replacing a broken trigger post...


Step 1. Once you have the gearbox open, remove all gearbox contents


Step 2. Remove the Selector Plate located on the outside of the gearbox shell


Step 3. Using a drill/drill-press and a SMALL drill bit, CAREFULLY drill a hole where the trigger post was located


Step 4. Slowly and carefully insert in a small screw in the hole. You want the diameter of the screw to be large enough that the threads will screw into the metal of the gearbox shell. Watch closely for any signs of stress or cracking. Make sure that the screw is sticking into the gearbox approximately the same distance as the original post. If you insert the screw to far, the gears will rub on or against it, resulting in damaged/broken gears.


Step 5. Once the screw is inserted into the gearbox the proper distance, use a hacksaw or dremel tool to cut off the excess screw protruding from the outside of the gearbox shell.


Step 6. Sand the cut-off part of the screw down until it is smooth and flush with the outside of the gearbox shell. If you fail to do this the selector plate will not be able to slide smoothly, and therfore will not function properly.


Step 7. Replace the gearbox parts and double check that all parts function smoothly and correctly. Be sure to check and make sure the gears will not rub on the new trigger post. 


Step 8. Re-assemble gearbox and do some test shooting before inserting the gearbox into the gun. Watch out for moving parts.


Step 9. Put the gearbox back into the gun and you're ready to go!


Follow Up: After using the gun some, it would be a good idea to open the gearbox and check on everything.



Article by Striker




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