Wolverine Commando personel are required to keep up-to-date with tactics posts and discussions. You do not need to read everything, but you should skim the articals and look over the DF's. Remember, you don't have to become a good commando, but you'll never advance in rank or unit unless you show the skills neccessary for promotion.  Besides, knowedge = power, and a powerful player has more fun!


Your thoughts on the Qualifications/descriptions for Alpha Company and Beta Platoon

11/11/2010 13:22
  Look over the requirements and description for Alpha Company and Beta Platoon. Do you think they look good? Too hard? Would you do something different?   What would you like to see as the description and requirements for the Delta Squad?

Prioritizing Threats & Targets

11/11/2010 13:18
  On the battlefield one of the most vital skills is the ability to prioritize your threats and targets in order to decide which to engage first or how to otherwise react.  The question necessarily arises, "How do I prioritize targets correctly?" I suspect that there is no one...

Clearing rooms

11/09/2010 17:54
Video Clip 1 Notice the line up, the silent communication via "bump", how they enter, who covers where and the "1 up", "2 up", "3 up", "4 up" at the end. You tube MOUT Entering a building   Video Clip 2 notice, they plan before, everyone knows the drill, they set up and do it. Also notice...

Personal & Team Related

10/27/2010 00:51
https://www.airsoft-tactics.info/airsoft-team-tactics/index.php - Short and simple. Attacking and Defending: https://www.airsoft-tactics.info/airsoft-defending-and-attacking-tactics/index.php

Moving on the Field

10/27/2010 00:47
Article 1 https://www.airsoft-tactics.info/airsoft-movement-tactics/index.php - Simple basic guidelines.     vid clip 1 (Must watch for Wolverine Commandos) Notice, use of 2 fire teams. Here they employ the bounding overwatch. Slow, but very effective. The distances between the two...

Improve Your Shooting

10/27/2010 00:43
https://www.airsoft-tactics.info/airsoft-shooting-tactics/index.php - Short article about properly holding, gripping and shooting your weapon.

Basic Tactics for the Individual

10/27/2010 00:39
https://www.airsoft-tactics.info/ - Short and sweet.