Mission Statement: The Wolverine Commandos airsoft team seeks to be a clean, quality, professional men's airsoft team that dominates all combat fields, overcomes all challenges and obliterates all obstacles while continually growing as a unit and as individuals.


Interested in Learning More about the Wolverine Commandos?

Check out the articles below regarding each unit of the Wolverine Commandos. There you will find qualifications, explaination about exactly what each unit is and what sets it appart as well as what is expected of members.


Want to join?

-Look over Alpha Company requirements (All Beta applicants must first be Alpha Company members) 

-Look over what is expected of members (posted under each unit. Click on the unit, scroll below the requriments and there you will see what is expected of you as a member of that unit).

-Contact Commander Alpha airsoftderrs@gmail.com

NOTICE: Currently all personnel are allowed to join by invite only. This does not mean you cannot proactively seek nomination. Contact us, demonstrate your skills, and we will go from there.


In order to join you must:

-agree to the code of conduct

-understand and agree to what is expected of members

-affirm the mission statement

-meet the listed qualifications

-be personally invited by the Wolverine Commandos.

Note: Qualifications subject to change. Notification will be given here when changes are made.

Woverine Commandos units and qualifications

Alpha Company

10/13/2010 18:00
  Alpha Company: Alpha Company is open for almost any serious airsoft player who wants to join...

Beta Platoon

10/13/2010 18:02
 Equipment requirement added Nov 2010-Alpha Beta Platoon: Beta Platoon is for those who are...

Delta Squad

10/13/2010 18:30
-not listed yet

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