Can I Use Propane in My Green Gas Pistol?

11/11/2010 12:49


 If you take the time to research this topic you will find that the general concensus is yes. Here is why.

Green gas = propane with a certain ratio of silicone oil pre-mixed into it and no smelling substance (such as propane has) added.

So technically, you can just use propane and add 2-3 drops of 100% silicone oil per 3-5 magloads of gas.


I read some about this topic on a KWA blog, and basically what the KWA people said was that they wouldn't recommend it because:

1. It may void your warranty

2. There may not be the proper ratio of propane to silicone oil


If you spent alot on your gas pistol and don't want to possibly void your warranty, stick to real green gas.

As for the possibility of not mixing the proper ratio of oil to gas, as long as you add about 3 drops of oil to the mag after every 3-5 loads you should be fine. If anything I would say that there would be an excess of oil, which won't hurt your gun (though it may throw the accuracy out of wack until some of the oil wears off.)



I would say use propane & silicone oil because it is cheaper, and you can get propane just about anywhere.

Go with this option if:

- You are not concerned about voiding a warranty (or the warranty has expired)

_ You want to save money on gas

- You want the convienence of being able to pick up your gas at the local Walmart (or wherever)


Propane or Green Gas? Your choice.


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