Hunter Killer Fire Team Face-off

11/11/2010 13:16

The first two main events of Sundays airsofting were the Hunter-Killer Fire Team Face-Off. Four personnel hid in the woods while five others tried to hunt them down. In the first round the Hunters split into two groups. First contact was made and, while one of the Killers did die, his use of the element of suprise allowed him to take three Hunters out first. The remaining Hunter forces soon arrived, yet were quickly enveloped by the three remaining Killers. Killers win.


In the Second round the Hunters worked closely together while seeking out the Killers. They covered all their sides while systematically advancing and scouting. Upon first contact with the Killers, the Hunters were able to get two angles on the Killers and take two out within the confusion of the first few minutes. One more Killer was quickly caught by the careful formation as it swept the woods. However, the Killers scored big time when their sniper caught one of the Hunters on the edge off guard. The original careful formation of the Hunters on their left flank fell apart during the initial contacts...thus, when one of the Hunters was shot, no one knew for sure where it came from (dead men tell no tales). In the effort to locate the final Killers, the Hunters lost two more men. The last Killer was finally caught as the two remaining Hunters swung opposite of each other in order to out-flank the sniper. While one was shot, the other managed to take the final Killer down. Hunters win...barely.


Article by Alpha