Moving on the Field

10/27/2010 00:47

Article 1 - Simple basic guidelines.



vid clip 1 (Must watch for Wolverine Commandos)

Notice, use of 2 fire teams. Here they employ the bounding overwatch. Slow, but very effective. The distances between the two teams obviously will change depending on tarain etc.

Bounding Overwatch


Vid clip 2 (Must watch for WC)

Faster then a bounding overwatch, the traveling overwatch can be used in where the threat is lower, whereas Bounding overwatch the threat is imminant. Traveling overwatch


Vid clip 6

Notice the ammount of communication. Notice the leap-frogging backward near the end. Esp Notice the instructers tips right at the end. VERY important.  movement to contact


Topic: Tactics: movement on the field

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