Project manager, Commander of all Wolverine Commando forces:

Alpha Quote: "In real life the Lone Ranger dies and the Three Musketeers live."

While many people play airsoft just for the fun of it, Alpha's goal is to learn from it. Alpha loves to strategize using the unique abilities and personalities of his men.

Weapons: A major M4 fan, Alpha packs a JG 2010 M4 S-system as his primary weapon.

Experience: With over a year and a half's worth of experience airsofting, Alpha has played on several types of fields with many different types of players. He has also done extensive research on weapons, ammo and upgrades as well as actual gearbox work and gun mods. Tactics and squad organization is Alpha's specialty, earning him a reputation for effectiveness and efficiency.

Other related facts: Alpha is also the lead consultant and executive officer of airsoftderrs coordinating and consulting--a service dedicated to organizing milsim and advising on equipment and weapons.

If you have any questions about guns, ammo, upgrades, tactics, the Wolverine Commandos etc. he's alway glad to lend some advice and forward some links.

Email Alpha at:

Alpha's airsoft advice: Situational Awareness. Where is the enemy? Where are your team mates? What is the goal? How much ammo do you have left? What is the immediate terrain like? There are millions of factors in any combat zone. Knowing the status of each one can keep you alive and give you the edge. Not knowing will get you killed.