Code of Conduct


-Call your hits, be honest, don’t argue.

-Don’t exaggerate. Besides maintaining a good character for yourself, exaggerating in combat can lead to erroneous reactions and decisions by command. If you see 4 combatants, report 4 combatants. If you are being attacked from two directions you are not “surrounded on all sides”.



-No personal heroics/lone-ranger tactics. We work as a team. Follow orders. You've got your teammate's back and he’s got yours. You have to trust him and do a good job because he’s trusting you.

-Help each other out. Don’t try to be merely the best man on the field; try to be the best team on the field. Share tips/tricks etc.



-Never belittle, egg, or otherwise demean anyone, fellow commando or not.

-Keep a clean mouth. Crass expressions are both offensive and unprofessional. If you are warned, heed the warning. In the First Continental Army men could be court-marshaled for swearing; our standards are no lower. Using the Lord's name in vain despite official warning WILL result in dismissal. Using crass/crude expressions in the same manner may also cause you to be expelled.



-Obedience is crucial to success. Listen to your Fire Team Leaders, Unit Commanders and Field Commanders. If you disagree with a decision, request permission to speak freely. If given permission to speak, express your concern. Leaders will be designated based not merely on their organizational and leadership skills, but also their ability to listen. If you feel you are not being heard, say so. If your officer ignores you, take it to the next man up - but not while in-game.  In game, all commands must be followed no matter how you see them. This is the grave trust of the Commando and the grave responsibility of an officer.


If asked to join, please sign in the presence of a witness and a Wolverine Commando's Officer.


By signing this paper, you agree not to violate any of the terms set forth by the Code of Conduct. You also agree to be held responsible to the terms and conditions set forth by the Code of Conduct.


Name:__________________________________________    Signature:_____________________________________  Date:_________________________


Witness:_________________________________________   Signature:_____________________________________   Date:_________________________


Officer:_________________________________________    Signature:______________________________________  Date:_________________________