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Alpha Company

10/13/2010 18:00
  Alpha Company: Alpha Company is open for almost any serious airsoft player who wants to join an effective team. What sets Alpha company apart from the typical airsoft player (note: no offence intended to typical airsoft players).  Commandos in Alpha Company dress differently. They...

We need a logo!

10/12/2010 10:23
The Wolverine Commandos are looking for a logo. For all you artistic people out there, here is an awesome opportunity; your design could soon be worn on the shoulders of elite airsoft commandos! We are looking for four designs total. 1-For the Wolverine Commandos as an entire unit 2-For the...

Tell us what you think

10/09/2010 01:12
Drop some feedback for us over on the "Feedback" page. What do you think about our site? Any suggestions as to what you would/would not like to see on the site? We won't know unless you tell us, so we want to give you the opportunity to help us develop our site.

Here Come the Wolverine Commandos

10/09/2010 00:48
The Wolverine Commandos have arrived! This team of serious airsofters is just now getting off the ground. The Wolverine Commandos will be fighting as a team, de-briefing after games together to learn, as well as having special events just for training and tactics. Recruitment will start soon,...

Visitors notice

10/08/2010 16:55
Welcome! The Wolverine Commandos is a by-invitation airsoft team for the Mt. Airy/Frederick/ Central Maryland area. This site is mainly a gathering place for Wolverine Commandos to swap stories, pictures and wisdom, as well as gather team data and announcements. However, even the casual visitor may...
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